I am Patricia, your hostess during your stay at the Rootmolen.
If you like, I can give you tips for trips and welcome your household questions such as an extra huge saucepan.
I can show you the functioning of our water mill (Rootmolen) and tell more about the eco heating system of the accomodation.
Driven by green thoughts you can recharge your electricle vehicle and bicycle.
Furthermore, there is a vegetable garden, many local species of trees and you can sort waste to the fullest.
Your glass and paper waste can be left here, ofcourse.
For breakfast service, there is a plant based option available.
Now my children have spread their wings, I took on a teaching job.

Need more information? You are always welcome to contact us with questions.
Hostess Patricia Bruyndonckx can be contacted by calling 00 32 (0)11 37 73 05 or mailing

Herestraat 11
3721 Vliermaalroot (Kortessem)
telephone : 00 32 (0)11 37 73 05
e-mail :
Company number : 0 730 447 216
Bank : IBAN BE23 7506 4772 0591

rootmolen luchtfoto

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